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Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Gambling sites that accept Bitcoin offer players special bonuses that can be considerably higher than when using conventional payment methods.

Below are the most popular Bitcoin casino bonuses:

Bitcoin Welcome Bonus. In cases where a crypto-currency such as Bitcoin is chosen as a payment method, gambling sites offer a special welcome bonus, which can be much larger than for replenishment with a standard payment method. Such a welcome bonus can consist of several deposits, for each of which the player will receive not only a percentage of the deposit, but also free spins.

Free spins. The casino may offer free spins as part of the welcome bonus or separately. Typically, this type of bonus is given as a reward for a Bitcoin deposit.

Bitcoin Deposit Bonus. All gambling sites offer players regular Bitcoin deposit bonuses. Sometimes the BTC deposit bonus can be as high as 500%.

The bonus system of a casino that accepts crypto-currency may not be limited to the above offers. Often, gambling sites offer VIP programs for players who regularly replenish their account with BTC chips. For each deposit, the player receives points, accumulates them and increases his status within the VIP program. The higher the player's current position, the higher the deposit bonus or cashback percentages he has.

Comparison between bitcoin casino and ethereum casino

The most important common feature of Bitcoin casino and Ethereum casino is the use of crypto-currency systems to process casino payments. As a result, these are the payment methods that should be compared, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

To begin with, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most famous crypto-currencies in the world. They are popular as payment methods and in online casinos. Both platforms work based on the blockchain algorithm, which allows you to store and process payment information as securely, reliably, quickly and cost-effectively as possible. All transactions to buy, sell, exchange the crypto-currencies in question are transparent, without the intervention of a third party.

The crypto-currency Bitcoin appeared before Ethereum and quickly gained momentum. So far, the Bitcoin crypto-currency is the leader in the number of applications processed worldwide. Online casinos accept BTC more often than ETH, so it's easier to find a high-quality casino offering Bitcoin deposits. That's where the main advantage of Bitcoin ends, let's talk about the second payment method.

Ethereum is the second most popular crypto-currency in the world and online casinos in particular. Its smart contract algorithms are faster than Bitcoin, allowing transactions to be made instantly and according to a predetermined scenario. For example, a player wants to buy chips at a certain rate and defines the terms of a smart contract. As soon as the system is able to perform a transaction under these conditions, the purchase will be executed. At the same time, both parties to the agreement will also be safe and protected from fraudsters.

If we talk about the speed of payments using Ethereum and Bitcoin, then for casino players, both options are almost equally beneficial. The difference may not be significant, but if you choose the faster method, then Ethereum will prevail. To be fair, it should be added that Bitcoin is still the leader. Casinos that offer to use this crypto-currency are more likely to offer additional and unique bonuses than Ethereum casinos.

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